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Clinical Skills

Our course list is not exhaustive, we can bespoke and write courses to fit your needs so please do get in touch if there is something you require.

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Catheter Care

Working with Catheters can be daunting but our course covers how to care for them effectively

from £475
Stoma Care

There are various different ways to support the bowel. this course is suitable for understanding why we may need these methods, risk factors and general care of the site. 

from £475
Skin Maintenance

In care settings there are often times when people are at risk of skin breakdown, this course enables care staff to recognise and respond to the wellbeing of skin.

from £475
Epilepsy inc Midazolam competencies

Epilepsy Awareness in compliance with the guidance from ILAE and ENSA. Administration of Midazolam included with competencies on administration if required. We can also offer Paradehyde Administration.

This is CPD accredited at either 4 or 6 points.

from £575
Bowel Management

The bowels can affect so much of the body and its wellness. Keeping optimum bowel function can often prove hard due to impacts from other medications and mobility needs. This course identifies how we can support a healthy bowel routine and how we recognise when it needs intervention.

from £475

Syringe drivers can be complex tools to use in a clinical environment. we can guide you through the required information on effective usage.

from £475
Enteral/PEG Feed

this course covers the site care required to maintain an healthy input. It recognises the daily maintenance and responding to risks that might occur.

from £475
Clinical Risk Assessments

Waterlow, MUST, Glasgow are some examples of tools required to assess someone's wellbeing. Knowing how to use these tools allows quick recognition of the individual becoming unwell and enable a quick response.  

from £475

Clinical observations are a basic requirement in nursing settings. this update goes through how to take vital signs, how to recognise appropriate results and maintaining/hygiene of the equipment. 

from £475

This 1-2 course can bolt on or stand alone to other courses. It covers the essentials in Anaphylaxis including the use of Auto injectors such as Epi Pen, Jext and Emerade

from £375