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Inspire Day Opportunities

All our facilitators are trained in Learning Disabilities, Autism and active learning, meaning they are able to support learning in a person centred engaging way.


Group work

Work in a small group of other people who are all working towards the shared goal of learning. We will support you in group activities that build upon your current skills in community settings. there will be minimal classroom work, mostly learning through doing.


1:1 Active Learning

This service you will be supported by one of our trained staff and set your own clear goals and timescales to meet bespoke needs. You may be part of a group if this is desired but you will have your own staff.


One off appointments

We can offer support for appointments as we can utilise this as a learning opportunity. We would meet before hand, prep for the meeting and support with tools to get you the information needed.


Price List

What’s included

10am-3pm in a small group of 4 people with 1 staff member.


10am-1pm in a small group of 4 people with 1 staff member.


10am-3pm on your own with 1 staff member.



10am-1pm on your own with 1 staff member.


1 hour

1 hour 1:1 for appointments or one off needs



Please contact us for a quote outside of the above packages.