Learning Disability-Clinical

Epilepsy Awareness

Aims of course:
  • Understand what is Epilepsy and its epidemiology.

  • To know the causes and process diagnosis of Epilepsy.

  • To recognise there are different types of seizures (including management and first aid).

  • Appreciate the impact of having a long-term condition.

  • Effectively record, risk manage and know how to identify support needs.

  • Use recording charts and care plans confidently.

  • To know the treatment options available and focus on Medications including adverse effects and interactions.

  • Emergency Medications available and administration.

If required:

  • Administration and competencies of Midazolam.


4 Hours inc breaks for awareness

6 hours teaching (7 Hour day to include breaks) to include Midazolam competencies. 

Number of participants

12 Participants per booking

Suitable for

Care staff, Supporters, Volunteers, Family, Professionals