Courses on offer

First Aid, Health and Safety

Our course list is not exhaustive, we can bespoke and write courses to fit your needs so please do get in touch if there is something you require.
Emergency Paediatric First Aid

1 Day Paediatric First Aid course covering CPR, wounds, choking, seizures and foreign objects.

Suitable for parents or people who might come into contact with children within their day to day work/personal life.

from £475
Advanced Paediatric First Aid

Covering the same as Emergency, but with the added modules of poison, bones and childhood illness.

This 2 Day course is suitable for anyone directly working with Children in a caring or support role.

from £900
Emergency First Aid at Work

1 Day course covering Laws and Legislations. CPR, AED, Choking, Recovery positions and much more. Suitable for most low risk workplaces.

from £475
First Aid at Work

3 day course covering the same as Emergency but with Specialist burns, bone and muscle, spinal, chest and abdomen and crush injuries. Suitable for higher risk areas.

from £1200
First Aid at work requal

2 Day requalification for people wishing to renew their 3 day First Aid at Work and their certificates are still in date.

from £775
Basic Life Support and AED

The basics of first aid in this 4 hour course. Covering the Primary survey and CPR with the use of a defibrillator.

from £375
Activity First Aid

Everything you find in Emergency first aid but with the added features required for sports and activities such as Concussion and sprains.

from £475
Mental Health First Aid

This specialist course is now available for anyone in any workplace. This is a Level 2 qualification and supports people in the workplace to become supervisors for Mental Health. The HSE has recognised that Mental Health First Aid needs are to be included in risk assessment with the same priority as Physical Health First Aid in the workplace.

from £900

This 1-2 course can bolt on or stand alone to other courses. It covers the essentials in Anaphylaxis including the use of Auto injectors such as Epi Pen, Jext and Emerade.

from £375
Catastrophic Bleed

If you work in a high risk area where cat bleeds are likely to occur then this course is required. We look at tourniquets, haemostatic dressings and care for the patient with this type of bleed.

from £475
First Aid Risk Assessment

Covering how to complete your risk assessment, what numbers and skill level of First Aiders are required and what you need to include.

from £475
Mini Medic

First Aid training for children. This course covers the basics of first aid such as how to identify risk, calling for help, CPR and recovery position and much more in a fun engaging way.

from £375
Health and Safety Level 1

Level 1 covers the importance of Health and Safety in the workplace, Identifying hazards, Recognising the common causes of risk and how safety is communicated within the workplace.

from £675
Health and Safety Level 2

As well as the above topics you will learn in the level 2, risk assessments, identify and controlling risk and responding to accidents and incidents.

from £675