Courses on offer

General Care

Our course list is not exhaustive, we can bespoke and write courses to fit your needs so please do get in touch if there is something you require.

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Medication awareness

Administering, storing, recording and disposal of medication. Recognising side effects, reporting and responding to errors and obligations with regards to medications including controlled drugs.

Moving People Safely

Level 1 looks at the legal aspect, what can go wrong, principles and internal policies and assessments..

Level 2 enhances this with practical assessment and competencies.

Diabetes awareness

The basics of what Diabetes is (Type 1 and 2). Health checks required and ways to support. If your local Diabetic team allows we can also support in the assessment of Insulin administration.

from £475

Looking at the current legislation, Policy and procedures and the assessment procedure. What is meant by ‘Best Interests’. What protection is available for decision makers and understand the limits of restraint issues. Understand the roles of various people involved.

Safeguarding Adults

Working with Vulnerable adults then this course is suitable for your needs. Covering national policy and then adding in the local strategies and processes to your need. Including Whistleblowing, risk assessment and Duty of Candor.

Safeguarding Adults and Children

This course covers both adult and Child procedures and how to recognise abuse, how to respond and like the above course details your role within Whistleblowing and Duty of Candor.

Fire Safety/Marshall

Your roles and responsibilities with regards to fire safety within the environment. Recognising different extinguishers and role upon discovering a fire. This also can then include the role of the Fire marshal within your setting.

from £375

This course will help you understand legal obligations with regard to chemicals and substances., work safely with chemicals and substances within your working environment.

Infection Control

What do we mean by infection control. Managing infection in the workplace and identifying infection risk areas/behaviours. Also includes disposal of waste, sharps and infected items.

from £375
Food Hygiene

Level 1 covers Personal protection, Food purchase, The main food poisoning bacteria, In-transit protection of food, Safe storage of food, Kitchen cleaning and Cooking safely.

Level 2 includes how to implement in the workplace.

Effective communication

Important record keeping and communication with others is vital in all that we do within the care sector. this course looks at defensible documentation and record keeping practices that will keep you on the right track. 

Care Planning and Risk Assessment

The documents you keep are vital for the safety and enrichment of people you supports lives. They need to be detailed, evidence based and defensible. This course looks at the ways we can plan care to be safe and enabling and what key factors need to go into a Risk Assessment and Care plan.

Equality and Diversity

Understand what is meant by equality and diversity at work with key legislations, Understand the impact of discrimination on individuals, legal rights and responsibilities. This helps you support others in equality and diversity measures within your working environment.