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Mental Health

Our course list is not exhaustive, we can bespoke and write courses to fit your needs so please do get in touch if there is something you require.

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Dementia Types and causes

Delivered by a Mental Health Nurse this course is suitable for settings within older care when supporting different types of Dementia.

Mental Health, Functional and Organic

Mental Health within us all is a vital part of our holistic care. This course delivered by a Mental Health Nurse is fantastic to understand the organic causes of Mental illness, the functions it serves and how we can support including services we can access or sign post to.

Elderly Frailty

Supporting those at an older stage of life with the changes that occur to their body and the support mechanisms we can put in place.

How to Assess the Patient

If you are getting a new person joining your setting the initial and continual assessment is vital to quality of life and care. This course will take you through the process of assessment.

Mental Health First Aid

This specialist course is now available for anyone in any workplace. This is a Level 1 or the Level 2 qualification and supports people in the workplace to become supervisors for Mental Health. The HSE has recognised that Mental Health First Aid needs are to be included in risk assessment with the same priority as Physical Health First Aid in the work place.

From £575
Mental Health First Aid with Anti Ligature training

This Level 1 Mental Health First aid has a bolt on of Ligature training  to support any environment that may have a risk of Ligature use. 

from £575
Anti Ligature training with Incident debrief/ Reflection

Ligature use comes with the risk of trauma to not only the individual but the person supporting also. This course supports the after care of the situation by showing how to debrief effectively. 

from £575
Mental Health First aid level 2, Debrief and Anti Ligature

This 2 Day course suitable for managers and seniors offers a level 2 qualification in Mental Health First aid along with Anti Ligature and Debrief.

From £575