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People Management

Our course list is not exhaustive, we can bespoke and write courses to fit your needs so please do get in touch if there is something you require.

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Emotional Resilience 

This course covers how to manage our own emotions and those of people around us. What do we do to manage our emotions in situations that can cause stress and how we respond to other peoples emotions within the workplace.

Managing Conflict

Conflict in the workplace can cause burnout to occur and this can lead to high turnover of staff. Conflict also can be challenging for all involved. This course looks at the frameworks in managing conflict and personal reflection within different situations.

Challenging Practice

What happens when you see something that is not right, its not illegal, its not safeguarding but its not best practice or in the best interest of the individual supported. This course looks at how to raise concerns effectively, managing change and feedback.

from £475
Supervision and Group Facilitation

Within care settings it is vital that supervision is regular, effective, safe and positive. It can also be hard to manage a group of people in meetings, particularly when having difficult conversations. This course supports Supervisors and Leaders to manage this part of the role and in turn lead to a more effective workforce.

from £475
Caseload Management

The working day can be filled with tasks that seem to be ever growing on top of your standard to-do list. Understanding your case load, knowing how to prioritise and RAG rate tasks can lead to more confidence and effective management.

from £375
Time Management

Always late for work, rushing to appointments or struggling to finish on time. This course helps with time management including how to plan for changes or interruptions to your day.

from £375
Record Keeping

What classes as a record, looking at the different forms they take, how to make defensible records and what are the legalities to record keeping.

from £375
Assertiveness in the Work Place

There is a very fine line between passive, assertive and aggressive. This course looks at identifying body language and verbal communication linked to the continuum. How to present as assertive and how to respond to aggressive behaviours.

from £375