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Available as either a standalone course or a bolt-on option for other first aid courses, Anaphylaxis is designed to cover everything participants need to know for this medical condition. This includes triggers of anaphylaxis, supporting someone in the event of anaphylaxis, and administration of auto-injectors such as EpiPen, Jext and Emerade.

  • To understand the definition, aetiology (causes) and epistemology of anaphylaxis.

  • To recognise what medical conditions increase risk of experiencing anaphylaxis.

  • To identify triggers of anaphylaxis.

  • To understand the available medications for treating anaphylaxis and how to administer them.

  • To effectively record accident and incident forms involving anaphylactic occurrences.

  • To safely and effectively support a casualty during and after anaphylaxis.


Stand Alone: 3 hours

Bolt on to any First aid course: 1 hour

Number of participants

12 Participants per booking.

Suitable for

Care staff, Supporters, Volunteers, Family, Professionals.