Learning Disability- Health and Social Care

Becoming Dementia Ready

(Down Syndrome)

Marked by age-related decline, dementia can be a prevalent risk in a number of syndromes within the category LD. Becoming Dementia Ready aims to highlight how effective preparation and adaptation can reduce the physical and mental impact of dementia, providing trainees with the skills and knowledge needed to ensure supported individuals living with dementia are able to maintain a high quality-of-life.

  • To explore the definition, prevalence and aetiology (causes) of dementia.

  • To recognise why dementia occurs at a significantly higher rate in individuals living with particular syndromes.

  • To understand how dementia impacts the body and the brain, and what steps can be taken to reduce this impact within a care or support environment.

  • To learn about lifestyle factors might increase an individual’s risk of developing dementia.

  • To recognise available strategies and care plans that can be implemented in preparation of a dementia diagnosis.

  • To understand what actions can be taken to guarantee a high quality-of-life for individuals living with dementia.


6 hours teaching (7 Hour day to include breaks).

Number of participants

12 Participants per booking.

Suitable for

Care staff, Supporters, Volunteers, Family, Professionals