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Fire Safety & Marshal

Prevent your service from going up in smoke with our Fire Safety & Marshall course, designed to educate participants about the importance, principles and legislation surrounding fire safety in the workplace. Upon completion of this course, participants will have the skills and knowledge needed to perform fire safety risk assessments, recognise different fire types and the appropriate extinguisher needed to tackle them, and serve as accredited Fire Marshal within their workplace.

  • To effectively manage fire safety within the workplace.

  • To be able to serve as workplace Fire Marshal.

  • To understand the legislation, policies and guidelines surrounding fire safety in the workplace.

  • To identify existing fire safety policies and procedures within the participant’s current workplace.

  • To recognise the fire hazards and risks, and how to record them in an effective, legally defensible fire risk assessment.

  • To understand the different types of fire and their causes.

  • To recognise the different types of fire extinguisher and when to use them.

  • To encourage fire safety within the workplace, and to take action against any potential risks or dangers.

  • To understand what steps must be taken when responding to fire-related emergencies in the workplace.


Safety (level 1): 4 hours

Marshal (Level 2): 6 hours teaching (7 Hour day to include breaks).

Number of participants

12 Participants per booking.

Suitable for

Care staff, Supporters, Volunteers, Family, Professionals