Health and Social Care - Health and Safety

Infection Control

Protect your workplace from any outbreaks with our Infection Control course. During the session, participants will understand the meaning and importance of infection control, and how they can play their part in managing the areas and behaviours that present a high risk for the spread of infectious illnesses and diseases. Participants will additionally be given the skills and knowledge needed to effectively use PPE and dispose of infectious waste.

  • To understand the importance of infection control, and the impact that might be caused by an outbreak of infections in the workplace.

  • To identify high-risk areas and behaviours for infection in the workplace.

  • To develop tools and strategies for maintaining optimal infection control.

  • To recognise what steps need to be taken in the event of an infection outbreak in the workplace.

  • To learn about available PPE, including its function, how to properly use it and how to safely dispose of it.

  • To conduct and record effective, legally defensible infection risk assessments.


4 hours

Number of participants

12 Participants per booking.

Suitable for

Care staff, Supporters, Volunteers, Family, Professionals